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About Me

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Hi! I’m Victoria, the owner and baker of Sweet Buttercream Bakery. I’m a mama to my two wonderful babies, Harper and Cooper, and a wife to my supportive husband, Greg.


I started my baking business in October of 2020 and have been blown away by the support that I have received from the community!


I always knew that owning my own baking business was what I was meant to do in life.


It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. 

I’ve been baking from a very young age, helping out and learning from my mother with her own baking business. Through watching her, I was able to learn what it means to not only have a great product but offer one of a kind customer service. I believe that once you taste one of my cakes or other sweet treats you will be a client for life!


Being a part of a community and creating long lasting client relationships is something that is of high priority to me.


Since opening I have had the great fortune to be able to donate hundreds of dollars worth of products to local charitable organizations. Giving back to the community and reaching out to make someone’s day is something that means so much to me and I’m always looking for charities to contribute to.


Although I enjoy baking a wide assortment of treats, cakes are what drive my passion. Being able to bring an idea to life for a client is so rewarding to me. I love to work with my clients to design one-of-a-kind pieces of edible art that will be a part of their memories for a lifetime.


However, if creating your own design seems daunting, I also offer signature cakes that are already a set design for you!


Whether it’s your dream wedding cake, a baby shower cake or a birthday cake, I take the time to put every bit of care into all the details! 


In the coming years I hope to open a storefront and eventually a fully operational bakery where you can come enjoy a delicious treat with a local cup of coffee. Until that day comes though, I will continue to serve you for every milestone and celebration that life gives you! 


Email me today to get started planning your next memory.

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